AIESEC is the largest student organization in the world, currently in 128 countries across the world. AIESEC focusses on developing youth leadership and creating opportunities for people to become ambassadors running social projects overseas.

AIESEC Indonesia has run several campaigns and projects using the Astronaut platform – we love working with their young talented leadership.

One of our favorite campaigns was in July 2017 – the Indonesia Government asked AIESEC Indonesia to run the Youth Internship Program called Program Pemuda Magang Luar Negeri (PPMLN). PPMLN is a program of cooperation between AIESEC Indonesia and the Ministry of Youth and Sport. The program facilitates a work cultural experiences for Indonesian youth overseas. It’s highly competitive and open to University students across Indonesia. 14 AIESEC Chapters, all over Indonesia were involved.

“The biggest challenge was to manage and shortlist the candidates in a very short amount of time because, while still giving universal and fair access to all universities across Indonesia. Astronaut allowed us to do this in full collaboration with our local entities” (Karina Ananta, National Account Director, AIESEC Indonesia)

Using Astronaut, AIESEC Indonesia was able to shortlist fast – from 2,500 to 250 candidates in 2 weeks – with candidates from all over the Indonesia archipelago.

“Without Astronaut we would have needed to use much more resources to complete physical interview, making it exhausting for our teams and not flexible for candidates. Maintaining the quality and consistency of screening decisions would have been a major problem. The best reason to use Astronaut is because of the efficiency, with Astronaut it’s flexible enough for both candidates and the hiring team”.

Using Astronaut, each candidate was required to answer 15 questions with the video Q&A feature. This allowed the hiring team to assess candidates logical reasoning, personality and communication skills using the scoring, filtering, commenting features allowing them to make decisions fast. Not only was this good for AIESEC’s efficiency it also saved candidates hours of time as they could do the interview anywhere and anytime convenient for them.

At Astronaut, both the Recruiter experience and Candidates experience are our main focus.

“I personally really enjoy working with Astronaut. It has amazing people that help us a lot, and they helped us move fast and were attentive to our needs. That’s what we’re looking for in the people that work with us. Plus, I really love the efficiency of the platform.”

Because of this success, we’re now collaborating closely with AIESEC Singapore. It’s a pleasure for us to partner with AIESEC in Indonesia & Singapore.

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One reply on “How AIESEC screened 2,500 students in 2 weeks”

  • July 1, 2022 at 9:51 am

    I was part of this AIESEC program. What great experience I had. Have more photo of the event?